About Us

About Us


Space Development Nexus (SDNx) Innovation Lab is a fully integrated mode of imparting valuable academic and vocational knowledge in the field of science, computer programs, technology, research and engineering to the students. We offer applied technology and project based learning, where students inquire, collaborate, create, learn, tackle new problems and calibrate their solutions. Together with our partner schools and colleges, we put technology in the hands of students and engage them with practical learning. Every future lab program is a unique combination of curriculum and assessment, hardware and software, equipment, construction kits and professional development. In SDNx Innovation Labs students explore robotics, aero-modelling, computer software and hardware, mechanics and structure, astronomy and space technologies, embedded and circuitry applications, scientific data and resources, alternative energy search, computer graphics and digital media arts.

Our Vision

Space Development Nexus (SDNx) is a global cooperative that knows no borders to expand Human existence beyond Earth. Our vision is to bring radical changes to humanity by creating future transforming technologies such as Mining the space resources, building a space habitat to house 1 million families in the space permanently and Educating the youth of tomorrow with the benefits of space exploration and development of technologies in our own country.

Our Mission

We want students to develop the interest into future technologies and to put them into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. We engage students as the part of our initiative in various ways in the form of student ambassadors, volunteers and project team members to help them enhance their skill set to create a better tomorrow.

Our Objective

Students should have the opportunity to actively practice and develop their technical skills in schools and colleges.

It is important that leading edge technology tools are integrated with the conventional academics’ structure in their institutions.

Theoretical knowledge given in the classroom works best when it combines with practicality and SDNx Innovation Labs do this for you.

Meeting The Challenge

Today’s educators face more challenges than ever before. In addition to meeting traditional academic standards, we must prepare students to succeed in a fast paced, technology-infused, global economy. The knowledge and skills students require is rapidly changing. To excel in college and career, they will need to use technology that hasn’t been invented in jobs that do not yet exist.

In addition to core academic knowledge, teachers must prepare learners to think critically and creatively. Students must be problem solvers. They must be effective collaborators and communicators. They must be adaptable and independent lifelong learners.

Most educators recognize that these new challenges require new approaches. Traditional textbook and testing methods cannot prepare learners in these next generation skills nor assess their proficiency and progress.

That’s where SDNx Innovation Lab comes in. Our Lab is a next generation learning lab that can help you meet your critical educational challenges.