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 7-8 January, 2018
Miniature Can Satellite workshop in Pokhra, Nepal.

 10-11 January, 2018
Miniature Can Satellite workshop in Bharatpur, Nepal.

 21-22 January, 2018
Hovercraft Mega workshop in Delhi Technical University.


SDNx Programs

Put technology where it belongs – in the hands of students.

Enhance student’s imagination and thinking capacity.

Help teachers to fulfil their academic mission in more interesting manner.

Balance traditional academics with the next generation educational Requirements.

Build skills, knowledge and interest critical for college and career success.

Integrate leading edge technology tools with the conventional academics structure.

Meets learners where they are and take them as far as they are able to go.

Requires students to define goals and problems to solve using a variety of technologies.

What we are?

Space Development Nexus is an educational platform dedicated for wide spreading the idea of research, science and technology, and with the same spirit SDNx launches educational seminars on space science and technology in school and colleges to inspire young students to make career in the field aerospace and aviation industry. Space Development Nexus (SDNx) is a global cooperative that knows no borders to expand Human existence beyond Earth. SDNx was founded by Mr. Sanjay Rathee because of a common desire for radical change to humanity. We want students to develop interest and be a part of space initiative in various ways such as student ambassadors, volunteers and team members working with us towards making our goal successful. For a student it is a first step of becoming the next Abdul Kalam in the space age.

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